The brutal coral soil
Is hunting my remorse
It's dawn,
The shine turns into scorn

A spasm
A pause
Retract, I can't
Gloomy heart, have I spoken hard?

My mind and all its flaws
Blue, do I deserve this?
Why do I have to doubt?

It was my own command
Present I was, then, in my back
Yellow-pale white
When could you come by?
Anon, or sooner than that..

My second chance is at sunrise. 

Ficha técnica

Formato original: HD.

Duración: 6'20''.

Realización: Gabriela Guerra.

Cámara: Gabriela Guerra y Jorge De la Mora.

Música: Jacob Mannion.

Reparto: Elisa Vida, Jorge de la Mora, Jacob Mannion y Gabriela Guerra.

Agradecimientos: Alonso Valbuena, Miguel Rodríguez y Giulia Govoni.

Máster Lav

(Madrid, III Edición, 2017)
"Laboratorio Audiovisual de Creación y Prácticas Contemporáneas"